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Representatives of The Polish Pellet Council, Biomass Magazine and Pellet Heating Center in April met with representatives of economic and trade institutions in Belarus. The subject of the talks was to determine the thematic scope of the economic mission of Polish entrepreneurs prepared for July, which will allow for establishing direct and bilateral business contacts.

In the photo: Robert Rogosz – COP, Maciej Roik – Biomass Media Group, Maciej Kosiński – Polish Pellet Council and representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland and representatives of the National Investment and Privatization Agency of Belarus and the Belarusian Commodity Exchange representing the Belarusian side.

– A day spent in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, was very demanding and hard-working – says Maciej Kosiński, President of the Polish Pellet Council and a member of the Biomass Media Group board. – Our working visit confirmed that this market may be very interesting for us and for Polish investors, especially the wood industry – he emphasizes.

The task of representatives of PRP, COP and Magazyn Biomasa were discussions with employees of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Belarus, the National Agency for Investment and Privatization of Belarus and the Belarusian Commodity Exchange.

– The goal was to prepare for the economic mission, which we plan together with the Belarusian side in July this year – emphasizes Maciej Roik, President of the Management Board of Biomass Media Group, publisher of Biomass Magazine. – We have received assurances from our interlocutors that the Belarusian market, at the highest levels of power, will be happy to meet entrepreneurs from Poland representing the biomass and agricultural industries. Today, we can only say that it is worth coming here if we think about serious business and its development in the eastern markets.

Confirmation of the contacts established and the completion of conversations held in April is the fact that representatives of Belarusian ministries, embassies and the commodity exchange will also be guests of this year’s 4th Pellet Forum in Krakow organized by Biomass Media Grop, whose partner is the Polish Pellet Council.

Soon, enterprises will receive information about the date, costs and plan of the economic mission to Belarus. Time has not been as much as it may seem.

If you are interested in participating in the mission, please contact:

Maciej Kosiński, maciej.kosinski@polskaradapelletu.org, tel .: +48 792 122 038


(Polski) Uwaga szkolenie: INŻYNIERIA UTRZYMANIA RUCHU W FABRYCE PELLETU – Jakość Produktu – Utrzymanie Ruchu – Zarządzanie Produkcją

The Polish Pellet Council invites You to a training about:


Product Quality – Maintenance – Production Management 21/05/2019


The training will take place on 21 May 2019 in Warsaw.


The aim of the training is a detailed discussion of the principles of maintenance using tools such as preventive maintenance, operator maintenance. The rules of machine inspections, scheduling of technical inspections, overhauls, retoolings and micro-stoppages will be discussed, as well as the scope of operator training. During practical training, the principles of Factory Production Control will be presented in the context of ensuring the quality of wood pellets in situations of breakdowns, failures and downtimes. You’re Welcome!


The detailed program of the meeting is located here


Additional information about the training and organizer You can be found here

We would like to invite You to the training: Maintenance engineering in the pellet factory.

Let’s report cases of fakes and fraud in the pellet market

The Polish Pellet Council advises – report to us cases of falsification and fraud in the industry!

The Polish Pellet Council is increasingly recording cases of fraud and counterfeiting in the wood pellet industry. One of the tools used by the European Pellet Council (EPC) to counteract this type of practice is the emergence of so-called Blacklist of entities that have violated the law in this area. If You have any doubts as to whether a given producer or trader is acting honestly in the industry, check whether it is on the so-called Black Lists.

 If You have evidence that his practices are unfair, please report it to the Polish Pellet Council at: info@polskaradapelletu.org

The Polish Pellet Council wants to fight unfair practices and falsifications in behalf of honest producers and trading companies, and above all for the health and life of people, both users of class 5 pellets and all citizens!



(Polski) IV Forum Pelletu Kraków 2019

We cordially invite You for the IV edition of the Pellet Forum,
the most important national industry meeting in Krakow.

This is a conference in which over 500 guests from Poland and abroad have taken part together so far. Here are presented the latest trends in the domestic and global pellet market. It also means technological solutions and current legal regulations conditioning the development of renewable energy sources.

The theme of this year’s edition of the Forum will be “pellets in the era of energy transformation”. The directions of the EU energy and climate policy clearly indicate the leading role of OZE. Clean combustion and improvement of air quality, alternative sources of energy alternative to conventional fuels – these are not just slogans but specific goals that Poland has to achieve. In addition to a solid dose of substantive knowledge, the June conference is a proven formula of knowledge + business that offers companies – participants a unique opportunity to present their offer among professionals from Poland and abroad. The non-binding networking accompanying the conference allows you to exchange contacts for contracts.

We are pleased to inform you that she took the patronage over the event

All information regarding the IV Pellet Forum You can found on the Organizer’s website tutaj

You’re welcome!

(Polski) Biomasa i paliwa alternatywne w ciepłownictwie – 11/12.03.2019 r., Hotel Arłamów

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