Let’s report cases of fakes and fraud in the pellet market

The Polish Pellet Council advises – report to us cases of falsification and fraud in the industry!

The Polish Pellet Council is increasingly recording cases of fraud and counterfeiting in the wood pellet industry. One of the tools used by the European Pellet Council (EPC) to counteract this type of practice is the emergence of so-called Blacklist of entities that have violated the law in this area. If You have any doubts as to whether a given producer or trader is acting honestly in the industry, check whether it is on the so-called Black Lists.

 If You have evidence that his practices are unfair, please report it to the Polish Pellet Council at: info@polskaradapelletu.org

The Polish Pellet Council wants to fight unfair practices and falsifications in behalf of honest producers and trading companies, and above all for the health and life of people, both users of class 5 pellets and all citizens!